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Sun Spirit Necklace

Sun Spirit Necklace

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Murkani has collaborated with Connected Collection it features artworks created by Aboriginal Artist, Daisy Hill. The pieces in this collection represent connection and are a celebration of our relationship with Mother Earth, with love ones here and passed, with each other and with those who care for us. In celebration of our First Nations people, this collection was conceived to honour the cultural traditions and knowledge that has been passed between generations for thousands of years. 

Sun Spirit - She is a symbol of hope, gratitude and healing. She reminds us the future us bright and each day is represents the chance to start anew. It is the work of the Sun Spirit to rise each day and give new life using her light and energy. The story belongs to her for creating the oceans and all the rivers by melting the ice with her warmth. She is the woman of the sky, the source of all life, our most powerful healer. With each sunrise she gives us knew hope and opportunity and with each sunset we can be grateful for the day that has been. 

Citrine Stone - Citrine is thought of a joyous stone with radiant energy to brighten up the lives of those work with it and wear it. 

Made of solid 925 Sterling Silver. Medallion is 20mm in diameter. Semi-precious stone Citrine 2mm in diameter. Necklace chain measure 50cm and can be adjusted to 46cm and 48cm.  

The symbols and meanings shared are unique to Daisy Hill and do not represent all First Nations people. All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural groups have different perspectives, interpretations and understandings of the stories and knowledge. They are the oldest known civilisation on Earth and their knowledge has been passed between generations for over 75,000 years.

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