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Vieux Eyewear

La Cite - Noir

La Cite - Noir

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Vieux Eyewear La Cite Noir - In a world where the bold lead and the rest follow, the La Cite Noir stands as a fortress of individuality and unyielding style. Limited to a mere 100 individually numbered pieces, this style is for those who command presence, who walk with an air of confidence that is both seen and felt. 

The frames present a bold, minimalist facade, they are a citadel of self-expression, a distant slice of reality that stands apart from the commonplace. They serve not just as sunglasses but as a selective barrier, an island amidst a sea of conformity, offering sanctuary to the wearer. The La Cite Noir is an architect's dream rendered in wearable form, with clean lines and a robust structure that eschews the unnecessary and embraces the essential. 



Leather case. Brushed gold collectors card case. 200gsm debossed, gold foil, individually-numbered certificate of authenticity. 


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