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Bath Towel - Oxblood & Peach Pinstripe

Bath Towel - Oxblood & Peach Pinstripe

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In Bed Bath Towel in Oxblood & Peach Pinstripe are made from 100% certified organic cotton. 

Made in Portugal from 100% Cotton. Wash before use. Gentle machine wash with warm weather. Line or tumble dry (tumble dry will help keep your towels soft and fluffy). Avoid fabric softeners as this may affect your towels natural absorbency. If pile loops get caught and pulls free, cut them off at the base with sharp scissors. Cutting loose ends will prevent affecting other areas. Leaving loose threads dangling will cause it to unravel faster. Keeping your towels soft and fluffy : when you first receive your new towel we recommend shaking it out well to loosen the pile. We also recommend storing your towel somewhere a little humid (like in the bathroom while you shower) and either using or washing it straight away to bring back the soft and fluffy feel which may have been a little squashed during transit. 

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